—Winetage design Winetage

—Where sustainable innovation, contemporary design and Italian tradition come together to give the excellence of nature a second life through bespoke design.

Winetage: we create bespoke oak design furniture Through an ecosystem of entirely Made in Italy production with absolute respect for nature.
The finest intersection of three Italian world-famous Excellences: design, craftsmanship and wine, meets sustainability to clear Upcycling into the world of luxury design.
Since ancient time, the neatest oak is used by winemakers to age wine in barrels, whose short lifecycle brings them to wastage in just a few years.
Our designers and craftsmen carefully elects, across heritage-full Italian winemakers, simply the best, knotless and aroma-rich oak barrels to passionately upcycle them into Made in Italy sustainability ambassadors.
Each creation blends the unique ancient cooperage traditions with Italian design and creativity futuring forward sustainable innovations.
Such an unprecedented and amazing striking balance welcomes Ales and Narni, latest artworks from the Warda and Mediterranea collections. Each in its own way, reflects uniqueness and exclusivity making Winetage a true Italian benchmark in the name of sustainability.