Sustainability 360°

—Nori Francesca VÉRABUCCIA®

—New bio-based materials from fruit peel.

Vérabuccia® is the name of the project created by Francesca Nori (creator) and Fabrizio Moiani and identifies an innovative (patented) production process capable of generating new bio-based materials for fashion and design. The entire production process is circular, it does not produce waste or subtract new crops from the food chain, it reduces emissions and favors chemical-organic substances made with waste from other supply chains. The first result is Ananasse, a 100% bio-based material obtained from the peel of the pineapple, the second most consumed and processed exotic fruit in Italy. Unlike the other ecological alternatives on the market, it keeps the initial visual aspect of a pineapple peel unchanged, because the innovative production process acts without flattening or transforming the aesthetics of the starting vegetable product. The sensation is that of reptile animal leather but it is cruelty-free, plastic-free, resistant, stable over time and biodegradable in natural conditions.