—Locherber Milano Venetiae

—Locherber Milano is committed to enhancing a material that would otherwise be lost and that preserves a piece of the history of the "Serenissima".

The “briccole” are oak wood poles (sometimes larch) that delineate navigable areas in the lagoon canals of Venice.
Approximately every twenty years, the “briccole” need to be replaced due to damage from saltwater and, especially, erosion caused by a marine mollusk (the Teredo Navalis) that feeds on wood.
From the recovery of exhausted “briccole,” LOCHERBER®MILANO creates unique objects, rich in history and charm, serving as witnesses to the most authentic Italian craftsmanship.
The “briccole” lid is the precious counterpart to the elegant hand-painted blue glass bottle, making the diffuser a sought-after and exclusive design object.
The uniqueness of the original material and its artisanal processing make each lid a one-of-a-kind piece in the world: shaped on the lathe and meticulously finished by hand, the lids derived from the “briccole” are true jewels of high craftsmanship.