Sustainability 360°

—Coltellerie Berti THE “CUCINIERI” COLLECTION Special Mention

—Tradition, innovation and sustainability

The “Cucinieri” collection of knives and accessories makes sustainability the secret ingredient.
The steel with which the knife blades are made is recycled and recyclable. The use of processing waste and the recycling of finished products does not in any way affect the quality of the new products.
The “Plastica NuovaVita” with which the knife grips are made is obtained from pre-consumer industrial production waste of polypropylene suitable for contact with food.
The industrial districts of 5 Italian regions are involved in the design and production of the knives of the “Cucinieri” collection.
The wood used to make knife blocks and chopping boards is FSC certified and comes from controlled deforestation rubberwood plantations. In fact, these are rubber trees which, at the end of their production cycle, around 25 years of age, are cut down for replanting.
The packages containing the objects are made of recycled and FSC certified paper