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—175 kg of plastic from the Atlantic Ocean, equivalent to 17.500 water bottles!

ILSA continues on its path of social and environmental sustainability by presenting a collaboration with OGYRE, the start-up company that has been committed to protecting the oceans and biodiversity for years, with its fleets in Italy, Indonesia and Brazil.
Through the brand Le Coq Porcelaine, ILSA has joined a FISHING FOR LITTER campaign in the Atlantic Ocean, which intervened directly on the seas to make up for the damage caused by pollution and promote the sensitivity needed to protect the planet and the biodiversity that populates it.
The FISHING FOR LITTER campaign has been presented with THALASSIOS collection, specially designed to symbolise the company’s proud commitment to caring for the environment.
Fishing For Litter:
Ogyre builds a bridge between companies like ILSA and the fishermen involved in their projects. Once on land, they unload the waste, which is then weighed, analysed and categorized, before handing it over to the organisation in charge of disposal. While cleaning the seas, the project also empower local communities by directly supporting their fishing activity.
Ogyre – Benefit Corporation and Innovative Startup with a Social Goal