—Eleit.it PYXIS

—Innovative object designed to promote buffalo mozzarella, the traditions of its territory and proper consumption. Handmade in Italy.

Pyxis is a product linked to sustainability because it has involved in the creative process excellences from Campania, an integral part of the story of the territory: the arch. and designer Raffaella Del Giudice, driven by the desire to gather around the table of her childhood, has created a design object that pays homage to her land and the family. It involved the Caselli Real Fabbrica di Capodimonte Institute, which continues to teach the new generations the typical art of porcelain and ceramics processing since the time of King Carlo di Borbone within the Capodimonte Park and Museum in Naples, and is produced by local artisans, part of a network of companies that are part of the School. It was possible to experiment with its use and perfect its functionality with the Tenuta Vannulo organic farm, which uses innovative processing techniques in full respect of buffaloes.
Pyxis helps to promote the correct consumption of mozzarella and encourages the reduction of food waste, as thanks to its innovative design it is possible to recover excess milk for reuse in the kitchen or to preserve mozzarella for a few days while preserving its freshness, without storing it in the fridge.