Sustainability 360°

—Sevitex PLUMY

—The warmest and lightest duvet ever

Sevitex’s expertise and the revolutionary innovation of Thindown® merge in a unique duvet, the warmest and lightest ever created, flagship of the Float Collection line. Plumy is comfort, lightness, elegance and sustainability entirely made in Italy. Thindown® is the world’s first fabric made from goose down and with respect for ethical and environmental sustainability with RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certification, GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification and class 1 OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification. This innovative material, patented and produced in Italy, delivers all of the natural benefits of down in the thinnest possible profile and with unbelievable lightness. Plumy is entirely handmade in Italy with 100% natural fibers thanks to Sevitex’s decades of experience. The optimal combination of the fine flanders Makò Giza cotton 500 TC of the outer casing with the Thindown® filling help maintain a constant body temperature delivering a better quality of sleep. These cutting-edge features allow Plumy to adapt to all seasons while being the warmest and lightest duvet ever created.