MUNKH is a proud manufacturer of sustainable, environmentally friendly, value-added products from its sourcing the raw material from our designated herders who continue the Mongolian nomadic lifestyle, taking pride in our heritage and culture that goes centuries.
A respectful treatment of people and nature is rooted in Mongolian traditional culture. This root philosophy will undoubtedly help us to reach full sustainability in Mongolian cashmere industry.
Sustainability factors
Herders are raising their livestock in a humane and ethical way, without compromising their wellbeing, which is the most important factor in sourcing eco-friendly, biodegradable raw materials and natural fibers to produce value added products. By sourcing locally, it is a coalition between the herder and the manufacturer to accelerate the viability and growth of sustainable cashmere and wool through the empowerment of nomadic herding cultures. The roots of our raw material, the local community and the most reliable people that allows MUNKH to produce the noble, luxurious and most importantly organic, eco-friendly sustainable cashmere, yak down products that designed, knitted, executed and value-added final products are proudly Made in Mongolia.
Sustainability begins at the source, which is why traceability is key to bringing transparency and aligning our partners to pursue sustainable practices at every level of the supply chain.