—Revol Porcelaine No.W Revol No Waist

Revol, in an aim of preserving the natural resources and make a change for our planet started to recycle its wastewater.
This process enables Revol to diminish their use of water and minerals essential for the creation of porcelain. No.W is the first collection made of recycled paste.
We guarantee quality throughout the manufacturing process: we control the production process from the beginning until the end. We make our own clay, molds, designs, colors and products. We innovate; adapt our offer to our customer needs without neglecting quality.
REVOL products are 100% food safe.  We use non-hazardous materials, no chemicals, no cadmium. Our products are 100% hygienic, food safe and they respond to the strictest worldwide standards. We are committed to our environment as ecology and social engagement are part of our standards. We recycle all the materials we use and we respect all the working codes, health and security rules for our workers.