Sustainability 360°

—Life in a Bag Grow Bottle Aromatic Herbs Jury Award

—We transformed an old wine bottle into a self-watering planter to grow your own organic herbs.

With sustainability and upcycling in mind, we transformed an old wine bottle into a kit for growing aromatic herbs. With an original self-watering system, getting the right amount of water or forgetting to water is no longer a concern.
The wine bottles are collected by our team in restaurants and cafes of the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal. After that process, the bottles are cleaned, cut and polished. Then we add a strip of cotton, soil and organic seeds making a kit ready to grow aromatic herbs.
This self-watering planter, once put together, water will be able to move up the strip and into the soil from the reservoir by capillary action. The amount of water is no longer a problem!
In 3 years, more than 8000 used wine bottles have been collected from local restaurants and cafes. Through creative reuse (upcycling), we created a planting kit that contributes to the circular economy.
The Grow Bottle adds environmental value as it does not go through the physical or chemical recycling process.
Minimalism and re-usability because the concern with the environment is seen in the smallest details.