—Compagnia del tabacco Gassa

—A knot-shaped coat rack, a metaphorical representation of the unbreakable bond between man and the sea, as well as between man and nature in general. A symbol of the commitment to creating durable products that respect nature and the principles of the circular economy.

Gassa, a coat rack from Compagnia del Tabacco’s historic collection, is now repurposed with a sustainable, reusable and regenerable material from post-consumer recycled material.
Its unique and functional design fully expresses the philosophy of the Milanese brand, which, in the late 1970s, was among the first to use the quality acrylic material for furniture accessories and decorative objects of great aesthetic value. Today the brand renews itself and embraces the vision of a more responsible production in line with the principles of circular economy without forgetting its founding values such as authenticity, passion for excellence and the craftsmanship that distinguishes made in Italy in the world.
Gassa uses a state-of-the-art material such as PMMA Eco Cast, which is environmentally
conscious and comes from recycling processes that respect natural resources. The product focuses on durability, reuse and minimal consumption of natural material.