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—CAMPO società cooperativa agricola CANÙ – THE GLUTEN FREE ORGANIC PASTA STRAW

—It considerably reduces the amount of plastic discharged into the environment because it is completely biodegradable and, if it accidentally ends up in the sea, it becomes good food for fishes.

Canù is the first gluten-free and organic pasta straw, made of corn flour, GMO-free. Canù is an instant gift to the world, a response to the cries of our seas. Canù is a contribution to raise consumers awareness of the environmental emergency caused by single-use plastics. In a planet so tried by the unrestrained use of plastic straws, which pollute and are difficult to dispose of, Canù avoids further quantities of plastic and poisons being spread in our seas and lands; Canù has an extraordinary environmental impact: tons of plastic are replaced by organic and biodegradable pasta straws, with great benefit for the planet. It is fantastic for cocktails, milkshakes, smoothies, juices and it lasts in a cold drinks and/or at room temperature for more than one hour and does not change the taste and the color of the beverages. Canù represents a good practice focused on environmental sustainability. Canù: from small things come great revolutions!