Gruppo Risparmio Casa Arianna Giontella

—Brand & Product Manager

From Umbria, born in 1982. After a degree in Economics from the University of Perugia, I began my career at a very young age in pet food marketing and in important national events aimed at promoting the territory and its riches.

My experiences as brand manager for the Pietro Coricelli and Cirio brands, oil and vinegar, in the Italian and international market and then as category manager in a tobacco multinational, consolidated my knowledge of the market and the product life cycle, giving me the opportunity to always focus on the customer and the trends of the moment for the valorisation of brands and the construction of their brand identity.

I join Gruppo Risparmio Casa in 2022 to strengthen the brand’s expertise in private label and the group’s expertise in managing the Seleco, Necchi and Gio’Style brands.