—La Saponaria Wonder pop Special Mention

—A Zero Waste cosmetic face line

These organic cosmetics are almost totally free of water and without preservatives. They say no to plastic! They are compact and concentrated to be light even in transport, They are also cold produced with a reduced amount of energy that is anyway 100% green! A colorful and innovative line that aims to spread the idea of Zero Waste for everyone, equally effective and practical. No water means more space for active ingredients! For this reason Wonder Pop cosmetics seem small but they are super concentrated instead. They contain many performing and ethic active ingredients and no preservatives. Wonder Pop cosmetics are concentrated in XS format so, on a large scale, they also reduce transport pollution. No plastic! Wonder Pop cosmetics are 100% plastic free and contained in a recycled paper box. Cleansing butter, scrubs and face masks are housed in a second biodegradable container to put in the organic waste. Forever Young is cold produced like all Wonder Pop masks so it saves energy even during production process!