—Olivo Tappeti Welcome to the sustainable world of LET’S GO GREEN BY OLIVO TAPPETI WITH BOTTLEWEAVE!

—From bottle to eco-chic entrance in just a few steps. Here’s Bottleweave! The catwalk of the Plastically Correct for a smiling Earth.

With pride, we present our eco-friendly doormat, BOTTLEWEAVE, part of the Let’s go green collection by OLIVO TAPPETI: a perfect blend of style and sustainability. Each mat is the result of recycling 35 plastic bottles transformed into PET, embodying our dedication to preserving natural resources.
Committed to the environmental cause, BOTTLEWEAVE is made from 100% recycled material and boasts the prestigious Global Recycled Standard certification. Each fiber of this doormat is a step forward in reducing environmental impact, providing a touch of elegance that aligns with responsibility.
With BOTTLEWEAVE, you not only embrace fashion but also actively become part of supporting our planet. Every step you take on this doormat is a step towards a more sustainable world. Choose beauty that respects the planet. BOTTLEWEAVE, where sustainability becomes a daily step.