—TooA TooA, much more than gelato. Special Mention

—TooA offers a revolutionary ice-cream machine and long-lasting natural liquid blends, produced in harmony with the planet, to create an eco-sustainable future.

The TooA machine is characterized by the use of a water cooling closed-circuit system with Peltier technology, which contrary to a traditional cooling with a compressor, does not use gases that are harmful to the environment and only consumes energy when it is in operation. The packaging of the machine is made from non-reprocessed cardboard and with the least ink possible; the inner packaging is in reusable organic cotton and with inserts in plantable paper; no plastic is used. The ice cream blends (TooABrik) are available in singleserve portions and produced in Tetra- Pak: In addition to being recyclable, they guarantee the long conservation of the products without the need for refrigeration and also minimise wastes. TooA breaks the cold chain to which the world of traditional ice-cream making is bound. Finally, TooA embraces GFP’s reforestation project in Madagascar: TooA is committed to plant a mangrove tree for each TooA Machine.