—An innovative concept of cosmetics with super powers at the service of sustainability!

Bath & shower gel, shampoo and hand soap in powder form to be rehydrated, formulated with natural ingredients that take care of skin, hair and our wonderful planet!
Why are Eco Powders so revolutionary?
Because every time you use an envelope of EcoPowder you avoid a plastic bottle! By adding simple water the formulas rehydrate and become liquid shampoo, bath&shower gel and hand soaps with a even more virtuous and sustainable history than the traditional ones! So we also satisfy those who want to be greener but can’t do without liquid textures.
Less plastic, more fun!
Our powder cosmetics do not need plastic packaging, thus reducing the production of CO2 and avoiding the dispersion of plastic material in the environment.
All the sweet EcoPowder envelopes are made from paper!
Additionally each EcoPowder is formulated with 99% less water than a traditional product. This means that in the transport phase an EcoPowder envelope weighs less and takes up less space than a traditional bottle, thus saving a lot of CO2!