—Moquetas Rols Terra by Rols Special Mention

—When plastic bottles turn into design rugs

For almost 100 years, at Rols we have been creating carpets from our factory in Crevillente (Spain), where carpet weaving has its cultural home. As manufacturers concerned with the environment, we strive to find ways to reduce our impact on climate change:

  1. Our main suppliers are located less than 30 km away, reducing the carbon footprint associates with transportation;
  2. Our factory works with photovoltaic energy;
  3. We use sustainable yarns to create our rugs.

In this specific collection, TERRA, we take 300-400 discarded single use plastic bottles, depending on the design, repurposing them to create rugs of the highest quality and design. In numbers, just a customer who buys a 200×300 cm. rug is recycling up to 2400 plastic bottles and this is huge. Tons of plastic waste goes into landfills every year, taking up to 700 years to break down. Terra is our drive to make the future more sustainable.