—Ecosistema Tagliere rounded

—KRION K-LIFE®: healthy in use, respectful of the environment. An innovative material for a better quality of life!

100% Made in Italy, round kitchen cutting board, with engraved wooden base and Krion K-Life® plate. When hit by natural or artificial light, Krion® K-LIFE activates a photocatalysis process that transforms the polluting particles dispersed in the air of your home into stable compounds that are not harmful to humans. Thanks to photocatalysis, Krion® K-LIFE triggers a process of degradation of harmful chemical compounds, such as those present in products used for cleaning the house. The low porosity of Krion® K-LIFE prevents the proliferation of bacteria, while the photocatalysis eliminates the microorganisms that settle on the surface making it completely aseptic. The perfectly smooth and homogeneous surface and the photocatalytic properties make Krion® K- LIFE extremely easy to clean, reducing the use of detergents.