Sustainability 360°

—Elli SoHo dining table

—Green Technology, sustainable fu(rni)ture with Human touch

Elli is not just a brand, but a philosophy, through design and communication that makes the consumer aware of their choices we want to make our contribution to the fight against climate change, to improve the quality of our lives and support changes in social life. While aware of the importance of technology and innovation, people are the fundamental element on which our company rests, technology is the means to reach the end; additive manufacturing allows us to have zero waste production, to reduce the intermediate processing phases (pre and post), to reduce the elements with which a product is made to facilitate its recovery and / or disposal at the end of its life, it allows us to a circular process the real upcycling of waste (the structure is in PLA) associated with durable materials such as FENIX NTM® (the top) whose production cycle is Carbon Neutral.