—Gasmarine Philips Smart pitcher

—The pitcher that transform your water!

Go back to drink pure and refreshing water directly at home thanks to our new pitcher. Thanks to the highly porous activated carbon fiber, the Philips Micro X-Clean Instant filter transforms your tap water into water with a pure and refreshing taste, reducing chlorine, lead, pesticides and microplastics. The clever design ensures maximum comfort: thanks to the 3l tank you will not have to refill the jug frequently and you will have pure water at a fraction of the cost of the bottled water, the lid has been designed for one-handed filling thanks to the practical handle. This Jug works with the Micro X-Clean Instant Filter that offers more effective absorption thanks to its highly porous structure, delivers a flow 4 times faster than a traditional pitcher, while maintaining the same filtration performance. Very useful for your culinary preparations: it extends the life of kitchen appliances that use water by preventing the formation and accumulation of limescale. Fresh water to drink immediately at the touch of a button.