—Zafferano Small cups in ceramic Special Mention

—Designed to be functional and decorative, and to highlight a historic Italian production

Creativity and an innovative spirit are in the brand’s DNA. In the search for new production techniques and solutions, Zafferano has identified in the village of Civita Castellana, near Rome, a precious wealth of knowledge and a common approach that has allowed to establish an intense collaboration. Here, where the art of ceramics has been practiced since the 10th century BC; Zafferano discovered a factory preserving ancient traditional craftsmanship, which skillfully applies ancient artisan techniques to its contemporary production. This partnership allows Zafferano to rely on the manufacturing of exclusive Made in Italy products, hand-decorated according to its designs. These small, lively and unique cups bring joy to the miseen-place; they are characterized by the pleasantly irregular shape, and distinguished by eight colorful decorations. They are sold in assorted packs of six pieces, and are perfect to be recombined with each other, playfully mixing colors, contrasts and patterns.