—Pandora Design SETE

—a living recycling manual

SETE’s tray is made using PET coming from the MECHANICAL RECYCLE of bottles. This recycling process is the one in use in our days.
SETE glasses and jug are made using PET coming from the CHEMICAL RECYCLING of the same bottles. The idea behind this recycling system is: if all plastics derive from oil, why don’t we do the reverse path starting from the various plastics to get as close as possible to oil?
Chemical recycling is the future but, to date, the process is still in the development phase… with some rare cases of success like the one used for SETE.
Finally, production was carried out following a moulding method patented at European level (EP3747316 “injection process for the production of rPET articles”). Thanks to this invention, it is not just possible to overcome the technical limitations of the rPET moulding, but the use of rPET becomes economically sustainable