—SEI Rota Sei Green

—SEI is high sustainability: a real green line towards zero impact.

A look into the future and daily responsible acts to protect the environment: «Our identity is the one of a man-sized company looking at the world as a respectful guest»

Sustainability and innovation hand in hand. SEI Rota, an Italian company specialized in filing products, is getting more and more greener thanks to its GREEN LINE: choices without an environmental impact, with the same endurance and functionality, and the unmistakable design of the Made-in-Italy brand. Among the innovative product line’s GREEN items: GEA, GAIA, ERA and TERRA. Respectively multi-punched holes pockets, U-shaped pockets with upside opening, L-shaped pockets and a 4-rounded ring binder with inside pocket: all of them made with recycled and recyclable polypropylene. Good-looking and with the same quality high standards, they distinguish themselves thanks to the environmentally-friendly, fully compostable packaging.