—Moroni Gomma Reusable bags from Kind Bag

—Big change starts with small steps - 100% made from recycled plastic bottles. Fits everyone’s style. Be kind to the planet, in a fashionable way..

Kind Bag are a range of fashionable and stylish reusable shopping bags, which are made from 100% postconsumer single-use plastic bottles. Through recycling plastic waste that’s unfortunately already been created and discarded, as well as creating a reusable product that lessens consumers’ need for single-use plastic shopping bags. Kind Bag is helping tackle plastic pollution twofold. Since the beginning in September 2019, they have rescued over 2.7 million plastic bottles from landfill. One of their goals is to support eco- friendly lifestyle without compromising the personal style. The wide range of designs of this collection can be introduced to everyone’s unique, individual style. Comes in three sizes to fit all – They are smooth and silky to touch yet extremely resistant, holding up to 20kg – Over 40 designs to choose from!