—Amarzo Re-think the glass

—Eco-Friendly Cups

The eco-friendly cups made in Amarzo, are the ideal object to serve coffee or digestive. They are born in heart of Chianti, where every year a huge quantity of bottles is thrown away. Here Amarzo intervenes and gives them a new life.
The first step is the collection of bottles from the wineries. Then a craft method is followed, which has been learned by master glassmakers of Colle Val D’Elsa, which includes:
– Cutting
– Grinding
– Taping
– Polishing
During the processing phases, water is used to cool the material. We have developed a water reuse system through a collection basin and a pumping system.
Our packaging is 100 % sustainable, using recycled bubble wrap and recycled cardboard.
In addition, Amarzo’s items have MOCA conformity certification, which allows the use of products for food purposes.
This is how Amarzo gives glass a new life.
Choose Amarzo, protect the earth.