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—Ozio presents QUI, the magnetic pencil holder that simplifies everyday life.

It does not take a lot to make life more enjoyable, like caring for small daily gestures. The Ozio brand has used this philosophy and present Qui, a magnetic pencil holder that simplifies the action that we all do many times a day, that of searching for the instrument to write, draw, or note down an idea. Qui does it with style: minimal design with a touch of color for the magnetic clip to use with the pencil made from recycled paper included in the package, ready to attach to any metal surface. For any other surface, an adhesive metal disk is included, placeable where one would like: desk, wall, bag, notebook… Everyone can attach Qui where they need it, to always have a pencil handy. Qui was born from a simple idea, but it promises a small revolution. Keeping a pencil in a fixed spot to not lose it reduces waste of these consumables that more often than not end up lost and easily replaced.