Sustainability 360°

—Hexagro POTY Winner

—The vertical garden with automatic irrigation and digital cultivation guide, perfect for growing km0 food, even if you don’t have a green thumb. Growing sustainably has never been easier, wherever you are.

Poty is the only “Made in Italy” vertical vegetable garden that uses 100% recycled high quality materials, with an automated closed-loop irrigation system included. It is possible to grow up to 40 plants in less than 1m2 using sunlight as the main light source, coco coir as an sustainable substrate and organic nutrients for fertigation. You will be able to take care of the plants with the help of Hexbee, the digital app that teaches you how to grow better. The purchase of Poty sponsors the installation of another Poty in Colombia to support local communities through partnership with Siembra Vertical. Furthermore, thanks to its commitment to sustainability, circular economy and social impact, Hexagro has been awarded by CE 100 and Solar Impulse.