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—Plantui Plantui smart garden Special Mention

—From Finland comes Plantui, a futuristic tool that allows you to have a hydroponic garden right at home.

Plantui Smart Garden™ is an indoor hydroponic garden for growing tasty, fresh and healthy herbs and salads at Km 0, without the use of soil. The patented, automatic growing system ensures easy and efficient gardening. Watering and lighting are fully automated. With Plantui grow lights, your plants get the right amount and quality of light they need for optimal growth. The automatic light and watering system is adjusted by the Plantui Smart Garden™ during the different stages of plant growth. With these conditions, you get fresh, healthy produce. All of this through a beautifully designed device. With the Plantui 6 you can grow up to 6 plants at once. Plantui is a unique hydroponic garden. From seed to plant in 5-8 weeks.