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—Diellesse - design Laura Spinaci PLANT YOUR CITY

—Live, Wear, Plant.

Never as in this historical moment of our planet is it essential and necessary to reforest the earth, starting from our cities, from our streets. And if the streets tell the story of the city, the city is your identity, therefore we must take care of it. From the love for Italy and its artistic beauties, T-map, or Town Map, creates a series of products that have the maps of the main Italian cities of art printed on their surface. If you really care about your city, you live it, wear it and plant it. With PLANT YOUR CITY, choose the city you want to wear and Plant, the “Plant” has a double meaning: the topographic plan and the living plant enclosed in a single concept. The exclusive T-shirts made of certified organic cotton, produced without pesticides and chemical dyes can end up in the garden when no longer used. The natural dye print represents the heart of the city that we have to take care of, like a tree, to plant. Each T-shirt/Plant is packaged inside an “origami” vase in recycled paper with information on the city of reference and on how to act immediately to contribute to Planting. The T label is made of plantable paper. The basic idea is also to donate part of the proceeds to Certified Associations and Foundations.