Sustainability 360°

—Alisea S.r.l. Società Benefit PERPETUA G_CORK Jury Award

—The design beyond form

Perpetua g_cork might seem like a simple cap at first glance, but that’s not all: it writes just like a pencil. By combining production processes and patented materials, a new Object is born that tells how Made in Italy design and ingenuity can give life to unique innovations of their kind. It combines patents and materials in circular economy: Zantech (patented by Alisea and 100% recycled graphite) and Sughera (patented by Mixcycling and 70% recycled cork). The two materials blend together thanks to an innovative NGS (No Glue System) co-molding system. For all the logistics, packaging and warehouse Alisea relies to the Agape Cooperative – La Fraglia of Vicenza, the only cooperative in Italy that includes all types of disabilities at work. In 2019 Alisea acquired the legal status of Benefit Company and in 2020 obtained the international B Corp certification which guarantees that our company respects high standards of positive environmental and social impact.