—Eurodisplay Pampers Naturello Display

—Plastic recovered from the used absorbent products, is reborn to a new life.

As the Phoenix reborn from it’s ashes, so the polymers of the exhausted diapers goes back in the productive cycle, borning again as plastic components for the Pampers Naturello displays. All this it’s possible thanks to FaterSMART (FATER group) who has developed a technology that converts the sanitary absorbing singleuse products into packaging and industrial components. The deal that Eurodisplay design in progress has signed with Contarina-Spa & FaterSMART, and the opportunity to use the Fatersmart recycled plastic in our productive cycle, defines the importance of this product assuming a strategic role for circular economy, and represents a real cooperation example to fulfill the ambitious objectives for the environment protection through the definition of a new standard in the industrial best practices, it closes the missing link of the entire cycle in the large scale distribution.