—Ortogiuda ORTOGIUDA VerticalGreen

—Bringing Green to the foreground my Mission , Green becomes the main character of your Living !

Ortogiuda is a revolutionary invention that allows you to grow climbing or hanging plants and vegetables in METRO ZERO in a simple and stylish way. This uniquely designed product combines aesthetics and functionality, creating a non-garden vegetable garden in just a few steps by concentrating Sun Air Water the 3 fundamental elements for growth. You can choose between different solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Ortogiuda’s clean, natural lines blend perfectly with the greenery, bringing eco-sustainability, innovation and functionality to the forefront. It is an unexpected helper that allows you to change the face of your garden or terrace, giving you delightful spaces where Green becomes the protagonist of your Living !
Ortogiuda is ideal for those who love green, organic food and want a cosy and sustainable environment.
In increasingly compressed cities, having a green area in the office or at home becomes indispensable for an increasingly sustainable culture.