Sustainability 360°


—A beautiful and long lasting way to give flowers

Our Flora Collection cards are three-dimensional paper bouquets which are guaranteed to amaze and charm their recipients. Origamo developed the range with beautifully drawn illustrations, depicting a variety of vibrant and popular flowers perfect for a range of occasions. Continuing Origamo’s spirit of ethical production and ecological care, these cards are made from fully recyclable and responsibly sourced papers. They are completely handmade in our certified Fair Trade Studios, using FSC paper made in Italy from regenerated forests, and with packaging that is 100 % plastic free. By choosing Origamo®️, you directly support Christina Noble Children’s Foundation’s (CNCF) ‘Sunshine Homes’. The programme supports many of the most vulnerable children of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, helping to protect them from poverty and exploitation and providing them with the childhood they deserve.