—Grattoni 1892 ORGANIC

—Never one like the other, the art of reuse.

The Organic product is part of the Organic Line, which stems from Grattoni1892’s commitment to sustainability and the need to eliminate “waste” to reduce environmental impact.
Grattoni1892 was born as a craft shop and still deals with the creation of wooden products.
From the processing of all the artifacts, made by skilled craftsmen, there are cutouts of various and different essences. The cutouts are not thrown away and are given a second life. They are reused for the realization and creation of new sustainable products. The products of the Organic Line are “Never one like the other”.
The craftsmen of Grattoni1892 transform the cutouts into Organic products, which become cutting boards, coasters or favors thus starting a new life cycle.
Grattoni1892 has obtained FSC® and PEFC certifications, these two certificates identify products containing wood from forests managed correctly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.