Sustainability 360°

—Cerichem Biopharm NECO – THE NEW CONE

—An innovative type of eco-sustainable and recyclable cone-shaped packaging.

NECO is a revolutionary packaging with a minimalist design that takes sustainability into consideration from product’s conception, optimizes overall dimensions and reduces environmental impact through its shape and choice of materials.
Main features:

  • Innovative – the first packaging for non-food liquids composed of organic materials with more than 80% paper
  • Respectful – the paper used is FSC certified
  • Functional – optimizes packaging’s weight and volume
  • Forward-looking – easy to dispose of and fully recyclable
  • Customizable – can be customized in its entirety because of its paper surface.

NECO’s mission is to support cosmetics companies in the fight against pollution by offering them the opportunity to make their products sustainable in packaging as well, through innovative and effective solutions.