Sustainability 360°


—2.8 focuses only on what really matters

2.8 design for dogs offers dog lovers a range of everyday products characterized by elegant design and at the same time inherent practicality and ease of maintenance. Our company produces entirely in Italy, with a team of craftsmen and women that only employ local fabrics and premium materials with a really low impact on the environment. 2.8 commits to fulfilling some essential universal principles: SUSTAINABILITY as a conscious choice to respect our planet throughout the production cycle; ETHICS for what we produce and for the people who make it possible; HARMONY in the beauty of materials, colors and textures. For 2.8 design for dogs, the respect for material, for those who produce it and for those who use it means respect for the Earth and to get even closer to our values, we have created greenie, a line of animal-free accessories with more sustainable, animal-friendly alternatives.