—AGC Essent'ial Medium Messenger

—- 97% CO2 emissions compared to a backpack in synthetic material!

It’s important, to reduce the carbon footprint and the environmental impact, to make a production of ecosustainable products.What’s the environmental impact of the production of those items? We calculated the carbon footprint of our backpack Medium Messenger, compared to the carbon footprint of a backpack made in nylon or polyester. Here is the amazing result: – 97% CO2 emissionsvcompared to a backpack in synthetic material!vThis result means that if all backpacks produced in Italy were Essent’ial instead of being “standard”, it would be like avoiding emissions of millions of tons of CO2, as many as a forest of 70.000 birches absorbs in 100 years!vOur backpack is made in cellulose fibre, washable in washing machine at 40%. Apparently, it seems a paper backpack, but it is resistant and especially green!