—Design Recycle Reduce Reuse Rethink

This project was born from the desire to create something new using an existing raw material. Through collaboration with people working in our local area and keeping in mind essential concepts for us, such as ECOLOGY and SUSTAINABILITY, a line of furniture and household items has been created using reclaimed denim that would otherwise have ended up to disposal.
Denim is one of the most widely used fabrics in the fashion world, but its production has a very high environmental impact due to the intensive use of water, energy, and chemicals that can be discharged into water, polluting it. Additionally, the global transportation of jeans contributes to gas emissions’ increasing.
By recycling denim, Mechilli Decor has saved the production of additional raw materials essential for creating its products. Each product that arises from this project is unique due to its artisanal nature and because each piece of fabric used is different from the others.