—Cosmic Latte Marmàréa – Mareggiata Collection

—From table to table

The shells of bivalve mollusks, consumed daily on tables and in restaurants, are an extraordinary source of primary chemicals. Disposal, non-compostable and harmful to the environment, results in a significant waste of precious biomaterial. The project combines the science of Geopolymer with shells, creating the revolutionary material Marmàréa: a stone produced artificially through a sustainable chemical reaction at every stage, from the selection of raw materials to processing at room temperature, with the possibility of reforming it at the end of its life cycle. To further enrich the virtuous cycle, we have designed a tableware line that returns waste to the supply chain: from table to table. The Mareggiata collection evokes the strength and beauty of nature with sinuous and irregular forms, characterized by soft curves and substantial thickness that enhances the material’s unique features.