—Napkin Le Tabs compressed soap, safe, ecological and space-saving

—A real Copernican revolution applied to the hand soap market, limiting its ancillary costs and the impact on the environment.

8 g compressed tablet ,when is dissolved in warm water releases its cosmetic components and turns into liquid hand soap. Thanks to our foam reusable allowing you to consume less product than normal liquid soaps, as each single wash uses only 1.2ml, while ensuring a considerable dose of foam. The liquid soap that is commonly used for hands is made up of about 90% water. This composition requires waterproof containers to be transported from the producer to the final consumer and this implies plastic packaging to be disposed of at the end of the cycle and transport costs related to water handling.If we eliminate the water from the soap, which is found in every home and every office and transport only the cosmetic component, we have a huge advantage, reducing transport costs by 90% and avoiding the need for bulky disposable plastic packaging, which must be disposed of at the end of the cycle. Made in Italy, ecological, space saving, sustainable.