—Giovacchino Barni L’aperivetro

—Bottle or tray?

Tuscany, tradition, wine… a typical product known all over the world, which has always been served in all the most varied tables with a classic, standard glass bottle. That drink is the result of high Tuscan craftsmanship, history, land and experience enclosed in a glass bottle of standard, regular and anonymous shape. But here is that from the cut of the glass, the classicism of the single shape gives rise to a product that was created for a different reuse of glass, destined to last longer over time. The bottle that would otherwise end up shattered after running out of drink will now have a new life thanks to the APERIVETRO, an out of the ordinary tray. Tuscany sits at the table with its products and tradition renewed with the APERIVETRO, which brings with it aperitifs … decorations … plants … candles and everything that can make the table unique and elegant.