—La Rochere La Rochere, since 1475, exceptional know-how

—Authenticity, Love for the Territory, Longevity!

La Rochère is a company with great traditions! Vectors of stories inspired by the past, we must look to the future, WE want to convey sincere and lasting stories and values. Located in the middle of the forest, among the trees of the Haute Saône, where the arts of fire and earth were born, we are in the heart of a privileged environment. One of our primary missions is to commit to preserving this nature, a source of inspiration in our glassworks. Like many French companies, La Verrerie de La Rochère is subject to environmentally classified facilities regulation for all its activities at its production site. Therefore, it annually carries out an environmental assessment, the results of which are then transmitted to the control authorities. Our mission is to create timeless products that combine style and longevity! Consciously purchasing quality objects intended to last over time is among the first principles of sustainability and respect for the environment!