—Arredo Creativo KOMPOSITO, the endless table

—Only joints, unique 100% recyclable material, infinitely extendable

KOMPOSITO is a plywood table assembled solely by means of joints, without any hardware. Its peculiarity is that it can be extended indefinitely, always constituting a single and integral piece. Extremely stable and robust, it is suitable for the most varied uses in private or public settings
• Made with only one type of material, the plywood; economical, ecological, recyclable, zero production waste
• Only 8 different pieces to make up the entire table
• Assembled using only joints, without iron or plastic parts
• Great rigidity and stability of the whole, even for extreme extensions
• Easy to produce and assemble, guarantees ease of transport and storage
• No clutter for the seats, the entire perimeter is completely free
• Can also be painted DIY with non-toxic paints for interiors and exteriors
• Patent granted UIBM for industrial invention