—Jute & Co Jute & Co: The New Frontier of Sustainability in 100% biodegradable Jute Bags

—Goodbye to plastic thanks to corn starch

The new line of Jute & Co promotional and customizable bags is an excellent combination of style and sustainability and represents a completely ecological turning point. The novelty lies in the use of corn starch for the internal lamination instead of plastic to give structure and rigidity to the bag.
Corn starch, widely available and economical, makes it a concrete solution that effectively responds to environmentally conscious consumers. 100% biodegradable, food safe, resistant to UV rays and completely compostable, corn starch can effectively replace old plastic sheets, giving a gift to the planet and to the new generations.
The new line of Jute & Co bags is an excellent solution for those who want a completely ecological style and represents a decisive step towards sustainability without sacrificing design.