—Iturrioz ITURRIOZ alpaca

—Silent Luxury

All our products are made with the finest quality 100% Baby Alpaca fiber, employing high-end technology and qualified labor to achieve PREMIUM quality. Alpaca has the widest range of natural colors of up to 32 colors ranging from white to black, including grays and browns. This allows us to offer a purely ECO line. Alpaca fiber is 7 times warmer than sheep’s wool, its cellular composition contains air sacs that regulate temperature. It’s hypoallergenic, its cells don’t contain lanolin. It’s so softer and lighter! No peeling! Its fiber contains an over hair that repels water. It’s biodegradable. The disintegration is faster than other materials, producing no environmental impact. During the shearing process the alpacas do not suffer or are sacrificed. No child labor intervention or human slavery. Alpaca is a Rare and Intelligent fiber! We proudly work only with FAIR TRADE certified suppliers. For these reasons, ITURRIOZ alpaca products are totally SUSTAINABLE