—Fiordo INFINITY – Notes & pen together

—Being sustainable has never been so original

INFINITIY is our exclusive Block Notes with infinite customization possibilities. An ingenious patented housing where to lodge the pen makes it unique and inimitable. Each component can be customized with your company logo or with the content that best meets your needs. Cover, flap, internal sheets and the pen itself (classic ballpoint pen, roller, highlighter or USB). But INFINITY is not only endless customization possibilities. INFINITY is also infinitely eco-friendly: the cover and the sheets, in fact, are made on certified or recycled paper according to the specific request of the customer. All of our pens are made from biodegradable plastic / PET. Furthermore, each phase of the production chain is engineered to minimize waste and environmental impact. Innovation, sustainability and paper finally together for a new way of taking notes and safeguarding our only and precious planet.