—Deolab HOROMIA I’M GREEN, fragrant laundry that protects the environment

—Deolab. has always been in the front line when it comes to defending our planet, and now it takes another major step in that direction by launching the new HOROMIA I’M GREEN, Organic Laundry Fragrances, 100% easily biodegradable and Eco-Friendly

Deolab., a specialist producer of laundry and home fragrances, whole-heartedly commits its HOROMIA brand to promoting environmental sustainability with its new HOROMIA I’M GREEN line of Laundry Fragrances. Sustainable, eco-friendly and recyclable, I’M GREEN is a declaration of love and respect for the planet and the environment and an opportunity for us all to make a difference, every day. This line of Organic Laundry Fragrances is available in TALCUM POWDER AND MAGNOLIA, LOTUS AND PATCHOULI and SANDALO AND YLAN YLANG scents, all made with easily biodegradable raw materials with low environmental impact.
Products come in a distinctive bottle made from Green PE, a bio-based polyethylene obtained from sugar cane, with the same characteristics as standard PE and 100% recyclable. The use of sugar cane, which captures and stores CO2 during its life cycle, not only reduces consumption of non-renewable resources but also helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions.