Sustainability 360°

—F.lli Rivadossi GREEN LOVE

—A philosophy aimed at environmental sustainability, where Tomatalo Pro is its symbol

Tomatalo Pro, the vegetable mill. A hand-user kitchen utensil that has the ancient scent of the domestic hearth, where love for genuine cooking becomes culture and respect for life. The slow movement of the grinder allows you to prepare sauces, soups, purées and jams in a natural way in full respect of the food, without modifying its organoleptic properties. Our mission has always been to reduce waste and use clean energy from renewable sources throughout the production process. The raw materials used are certified and the processing waste is recovered and recycled in order to give new life to paper, plastic and steel. Tomatto is brand friend of Treedom, we invest in the future of the planet and our partners are a fundamental part of this project called GREEN LOVE.