Sustainability 360°

—Pedrini Forma

—Design for circularity. Kitchen utensils for a 100% recyclable total cooking.

Forma is the new line of kitchenware whose distinctive feature is the essentiality in design and construction materials. Handles and functions totally made of steel, mirrored effect, for a new Pedrini design concept: LESS is MORE, which means simplicity with no frills: a single material for more resistance, solidity and reliability over time. Entirely made of stainless steel which, in addition to being resistant and solid, is, by its nature, one of the most recycled materials in the world, it is 100% recoverable and infinite times, it is never consumed but continuously transformed through recycling processes, which make it a permanent material that is the basis of the circular economy in which we strongly believe; a model to which we adhere already in the design phase to follow our philosophy of DESIGN for CIRCULARITY, according to which we select materials that, in addition to guaranteeing the quality and durability of the product, allow us to innovate already in the early stages of its conception, to facilitate their reuse.